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Cincinnati Ski Club
We do more than ski
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About Us

It’s About Being Social - Meetings and Happy Hours
We get together socially every other Wednesday for what we term a “general meeting”. Meeting time varies(see below) but you can arrive at any time. During meetings, members can sign up for trips and
activities, talk to the trip leaders, and socialize with friends. We have club announcements at about 8:30
pm. Sometimes we have “theme” meetings like an Oktoberfest or Halloween party.
There are TGIF gatherings on Friday evenings on weeks opposite our general meeting weeks. Sometimes
we throw in an extra Happy Hour to celebrate a special event like St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo.
See the Event Calendar for upcoming meeting and TGIF dates. Non-member guests are always welcome!

October through May we meet indoors at:



  1 Worthington Avenue

  Wyoming, OH 45215

  Parking: lot across the street

  MEETING TIME: 7 – 10 pm

  BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGE (alcohol, soft drinks, water)


Google Map

June through September we meet outdoors at:

Gower Park
Homer Lantz Shelter
10997 Thornview Dr.,
Sharonville, OH   45241
MEETING TIME: 6:30 – 9 pm

BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGE (alcohol, soft drinks, water)

Google Map

TGIF’s take place throughout the area and are noted on the Event Calendar.

Events, Trips and Activities

Unless stated otherwise, you must be a member of the Cincinnati Ski Club (CSC) or an Ohio Valley Ski
Council (OVSC) club to participate in CSC events, trips and activities. Additionally, you must sign a waiver
form and make payment when you sign up to be officially considered a participant for one of our events,
trips or activities. A promise to pay does not count and will not hold a spot for you.

Winter Activities

Whether you want to ski out West for a week, spend a ski weekend closer to home, or ski in Europe, you
should SKI WITH THE CINCINNATI SKI CLUB. You’ll meet some terrific people who ski at all levels from
experts to first-timers. Because we can bargain for group rates, we can offer quality trips at affordable
Taking a ski trip with the Cincinnati Ski Club is fun and it’s easy to sign up—just come to a ski club
meeting or contact the trip leaders directly.
If you want to improve your skiing, there is no better way than to join our Racing Team. We participate
in Inter-Club racing with the OVSC clubs. There are three or four races every weekend beginning in
January. Most are "recreational racers" just having fun, so don't be intimidated by all the speed suits.
You will get points for your team if you just make it through both runs, so everyone is important! Races
will be mostly GS with an occasional slalom format, depending on the formats selected by the host Club.

Summer Activities

When summer rolls around we trade in our snow skis for water skis and hit the lakes for the weekend.
We usually stay in condos or chalets at Norris Lake, Dale Hollow or Cumberland. Boats and meals are
provided—just bring your sunscreen. You don’t even have to be a water skier to enjoy these summer
trips, but if you’d like to learn this is your chance. Many of our members just go for the fun and the sun!

Sports Activities

The Cincinnati Ski Club has two co-ed golf leagues. The leagues are designed to meet the needs of your
inner golfer. One of our leagues is a more competitive league and the other is a strictly social league.
The CSC Volleyball league is great for improving your game and getting to know your fellow ski club
members better. The competitive, co-ed, recreational league welcomes players of all skill levels who
want to improve their skills and engage in some friendly competition with other ski club members. The
Volleyball league has sessions in the spring and fall.

Social Activities

We get together all year round to do a wide variety of things. Our activities are so varied that there’s
something for everyone. Here’s a short list: dance lessons at our meetings, Reds games, Bengals games,
hockey games, canoeing, bowling, tennis, hiking, bicycling, theater, wine tastings and dances.
Adventure and Social Travel

Yes, our name is the Cincinnati Ski Club, but—we do more than ski! In fact, some of our members are
not skiers at all. For example, we take weekend trips to the Great Smoky Mountains to hike, shop, party
and relax. We’ve also gone to Chicago for a weekend to take in a couple of Reds games. Then, for the
more adventurous, there’s Whitewater rafting. We’ve done an Alaskan cruise, traveled to Egypt, China,
Australia, Peru, the Galapagos Islands, Argentina, Greece and Turkey to name a few. Our trips vary
depending on what the club members want to do. CSC is great for single travelers because we can
match you up with a roommate/condo mate. But, we have lots of couples traveling with us too.

CSC Friends

CSC Friends events and activities are not sponsored by CSC. They happen because a CSCer has an
interest and invites everyone to come along. Most of the warm months find “CSC Friends” hitting the
Little Miami Bike Trail for a friendly ride followed by drinks and eats. You will likely find “Friends” at the
Ault Park dances, Party in the Park, Coney Island Moonlite Gardens dances, Live at the Levee Summer
Concerts, Great Parks Dinner Series and, well, the possibilities are endless.

How the CSC Runs

We are an all volunteer, “Not for Profit” Corporation, based on a set of by-laws and policies. Each year
we elect a Board of Trustees and also rely on volunteer trip leaders and committee chairs to lead the
club. Cincinnati Ski Club exists because of the many members who volunteer their time and talent. We
have no "employees"; only members who work tirelessly in support of our club. Our Board and
Chairpersons make the commitment to work for a year or more. Our Trip and Event Leaders work many
hours so we can enjoy trips and events that make memories and give us opportunities to meet new